Family Zoom Party

Have you heard about the family Zoom party? It's this Sunday! Hope you can join in.

If you know Peppa Pig’s brothers name, the colour of a giraffe’s tongue or how many times the word snow was mentioned in the bible, then you took part in the Family Zoom party in June. We thought it was time we had another one ! An all age quiz with a treasure hunt around the house to keep the youngest and oldest in the family busy.

I have seen some of you wearing masks made out of really fun material so I’m challenging you to design your own material for a face mask showing either biblical characters eg David and Goliath, Jonah and whale, Daniel and the lions or something to do with nature, or harvest. Send your designs to Julia Hodgson juliaannehodgson@gmail.com
and we will award prizes in the following age bands 
Age 5-7 , 8-11, 12+

Join us on Zoom on Sunday 13th September at 12 noon
for 30 minutes of fun and laughter.

Click here to join in

 Zoom link  is available on the mailchimp
MEETING ID: 840 0704 0111