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For an update on the situation in Kenya during the Covid 19 pandemic and what we can do to help Ecudare, please read the article in the MPC July/August magazine

Here is our latest letter from Esther

Hello MCT family and thank you for your great support and sacrificial giving that has enabled us to be relevant during these difficulty times of Covid-19. We have continued with the food, masks , online counselling services and water distribution to the most vulnerable members of our community. This month we have given both vegetables and flour. Covid-19 cases have continued to go up and we feel quite afraid. A good number from our community have passed on leaving family members under great fear and stigma. We are no longer locked in but the situation does not seem to improve yet, especially because of the prolonged drought coupled with the effects of corona virus. All our schools will open in January and we hope we will pass the government guidelines on schools. Once again may God continue to bless MCT and all our friends and partners who have continued to stand with us during these difficulty times. Thank you for helping us to serve people who would otherwise give up if you did not support. With deep gratitude and blessings


For more information see the Ecudare page of the MCT website.